HoliPlay is a company which was founded as a need to design and create games incorporating meaningful learning with the purpose of making learning through playing an entertaining activity for the whole family.
Thus generating the opportunity to meet the growing challenges of an educational method that has to deal with high distractions because of all the information we have to process.
Constant technology advances and the need to obtain information fast without developing knowledge, transforms into a paradigm which breach us as HoliPlay want to help minimize through our game method system.
The opportunity to face defeats in the process of learning which is affected by encountering distraction, as a result of the constant pressure we deal with.
The permanent advances in technology and seeking for immediate information, without developing knowledge, turns into a paradigm, which breach HoliPlay aims at minimizing through our game system.

A company founded to develop didactic and educational game that aims at:

  • Supporting the educational task expanding it at home.
  • Reinforces knowledge generating meaningful learning.
  • Involves new motivation that incorporates gaming, learning while playing.
  • Focuses distraction.
  • Supports the basis of a process undergoing evolution.

  • Mission: We are pleased to offer families all around the world games and entertaining tools that turn studying into an interesting activity to be done within the family and support teachers’ task.

    Vision: Be the leading company of didactic and educational games that involve meaningful learning and strategy as a method that impacts education in a positive way focused in children and adults.

    Policy: HoliPlay is a strategic ally of its customers. It satisfies their needs and expectations, offers a variety and innovative series of competent and entertaining games. The staff is professional, ethic and transparent.


  • Entertainment
  • Turn learning into an amusing activity
  • Educational commitment
  • Teaching fascinates us
  • Work in a responsible way
  • Look after integrity
  • Authenticity and coherence
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Open towards modification
  • Constantly creating
  • Appreciate teamwork
  • Accept mistakes
  • Look for agreement
  • Seek for good relationships
  • Ideas, people and agreements are respected
  • And mainly we love what we do