• Innovative tabletop card game focused on meaningful learning.
  • Understand learning as part of a system.
  • Turns an individual process into a collective one because there is social interaction.
  • Intergenerational integration due to the fact that it involves parents and grandparents in an entertaining way.
  • Develops logical thinking.
  • Promotes competition in a positive way.
  • Develops strategies to solve problems.
  • It has different ways to play so children do not get bored.
  • Learn through comprehension rather than memorization.
  • Learn in a familiar environment.
  • Helps to avoid frustration.
  • A tool that helps to associate through meaningful learning which is designed pedagogically.


    1. About the game

    HoliMaths X is an innovative family multiplication strategy game focused on meaningful learning of multiplication which allows interaction with others. It promotes learning multiplication tables in a fun and collective environment.

    2. Features

    Meaningful learning is that in which students thoroughly understand what they learn. This is the leading trend for useful and significant learning. What a child accurately learns is effective to be used in new situations and different contexts.

    HoliMaths X is a family educational card game that enables interaction of several players, encouraging social interaction and social intelligence. It is opposed to learning multiplication only through memorization which isolates more than unites. It is designed for children in school ages and can also be played with adults, reinforcing intergenerational interaction and improving the children’s learning process.

    The mechanics of the game based on Problems-Solutions help developing logical thinking, decision making and problem solving in the children´s learning development. Likewise, the fact that points are earned when solving problems is great encouragement.

    The game includes HelpCards! as aids to find solutions reducing anxiety of children caused by not remembering the result of an operation.

    3. Options

    HoliMaths has several options that can be played. This ensures a continuous use without boring game participants.

    4. Guiarte

    Guiarte Foundation certifies that HoliMaths X is an innovative education learning tool for mathematical multiplication. The foundation recommends it for both, familiar and educational environments.

    Mónica Andrea Munevar G.

    Clinical Psychologist
    Personal and Organizational Coach

    Guiarte is a foundation in charge of validate and spread in Colombian schools the educational and ludic project of Ronda company.


    One of the main objectives of teaching Mathematics at any level is to obtain meaningful learning of the concepts. Associating problems and solutions, relating them with logical thinking, integrating abilities from the learning process.

    HoliMaths X is a family card game that incorporates parents and grandparents in a fun process for all!

    It is an innovative method that encourages learning through gaming based on knowledgeable concepts, applying strategy and problem solving. It inspires children in a cognitive exercise. It might be done individually or collectively which improves Math concepts.

    HoliMaths X turns a mechanical and repetitive process of memorization into a social one, learning by association and logical thinking.

    As a teacher and therapist, I highly recommend it for parents and therapists who need tools that incorporate all the elements that HoliMaths X can provide.

    Sonia Isabel Pérez Muñoz
    Teacher and Therapist
    Universidad Mayor
    +569 - 9715 4868