HOLIPLAYERS COMMMUNITY is the community of players, children, teachers and parents who want to support education.

To join the community, you must log in www.holiplay.cl/ www.holiplayers.com, using your unique code which is inside the box in HoliPlayers large card.

Benefits of being part of the Community.

1.HoliPlay guarantees your game will ALWAYS be complete. In this first HoliMaths edition, up to ten cards will be replaced for free. You’ll only have to pay delivery or mailing fees.
If you loose other extra cards, we will also guarantee that your game will ALWAYS be complete.

2. Download the othernine versions of the game. So kids are motivated by playing other different game play versions. These 9 other versions are available on the web page. Only the instructions of the ORIGINAL game play version are on the box.

3. Your right to participate inHoliPlay Olympics. In 2017 we will have the first World HoliPlay Olympics. There will be categories for each versions of the games, ages (kids, adults, parents and grandparents will be welcome)
You can apply individually or representing your school.

4. In the future we will have news, pictures and video albums of our Worldwide Holiplayers Community.