10 reasons for buying HoliPlay games:

1. A playful, useful and simple tool to learn while playing. It is effective for ages from 7 and up to exercise brain functions, improves attention, challenges memory skills and concentration.

2. Ideal for kids needing to learn basic Maths and other subjects that require memorization.

3. Essential for parents with limited time and that don’t know how to deal with helping the learning process in an effective, fast and entertaining way.

4. The game pricing is very reasonable. It costs less than one hour of private lessons in which the child is unable to reinforce contents that should already be learned through memorization.

5.It supports traditional schooling methods which are not as efficient. Thus, the effectiveness of the learning process is progressively less in children.

6. It awakens the interest and motivates learning through games considering the usual discouragement of scholars to study after school.

7. Emphasizes intergenerational interaction, integrating parents and grandparents in the children´s learning process in an exciting and engaging method for the whole family.

8. Develops meaningful learning instead of common memorization that is short term knowledge that within months, may be forgoten.

9. Generates alternatives to the constant technology advances which finally limits social interaction.

10. With HoliPlay Games everybody wins! Parents spend time with their kids while they teach basic subjects in a fun way and teachers improve results in class.

  • The sequence of the game is clearly different and unknown.
  • It is challenging individually or among players.
  • The player must evaluate all the possible game alternatives in each turn.
  • Defined in time and space.
  • The result is unknown until the end of the game.